"It was a city. A huge walled, terrific, hagnificent, frightening, city! Building painted a myriad of colors rose about the pale walls, like a rainbow on a sunny cloud. Every building had its own unique shape and color, save for the sparkling gold domes adorning the top of every structure."
Kaycee Browning (Ember Flame, Pg. 24

"The colorful streets and people sang out to Les like some rare exotic bird would to a dove. Faces reflecting selfish desires passed them by, paying no heed to the raggedy duo. Men and women were singing and dancing in the square, children ran up and down the street playing with hoops and balls. Horses, donkeys, sheep, camels, and all manner of animals passed them. Vendors sporting sparkling jewelry and clothes nearby threw: silk, fish, trinkets, and many other items at them."
Kaycee Browning (Ember Flame, Pg. 25

Eledil, the capital of Elemantri, is where Snow Frost lives. This is the first city Ember visits, It is also were she receives her first bath, first hair brushing, and learns to read.