Flake Frost

The cover from Browning's NaNoWriMo account.

Flake Frost's 1st draft was written over NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) 2013.


“You think you know pain? You think you know suffering? You have no idea the price I have paid to save your mind!”

Flake Frost has been running her entire life. Running from her past sins, the deaths she has caused, and her murderous ex-fiance. But running becomes impossible when the revealing magic of Northern Barbaric bursts and threatens to destroy all of Holdinus. Flake chooses to go on a journey through the Threads, a treacherous and tangled realm of Dark Magic, where answers are optional and death is imminent. 

Meanwhile, Ember and Hail struggle to unite the people, dragons, and faeries to finally face the tyranny of the Pull. Ash fights to discover the secret of her lost power, Snow attempts to save the world by breaking Flake, and Rime embarks on a quest to rewrite the history his sister twisted. 

And then there's Dray. There's always Dray.

Will the Leverage finally manage to straighten their pasts and face their futures? Or will the Pull succeed in it's final attempt to destroy the Leverage forever?