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Heseen is were Hail lives. It is a cold, mountainous region that's economy relies heavily on slave trade.


What happens here?Edit

Browning's notes on HeesenEdit


"Speaking of Heesen, fantasy landscapes don't always have to be realistic. That's why it's a fantasy. Sure, you don't need to make everything unrealistic, but sometimes, a little touch of impossibility can add a lot to a novel. Heesen shouldn't exist. It's literally an oversized iceberg. Why the heck would anyone turn that into a country? What economical value could that place possibly have? Isn't it dangerous? Wouldn't the water cycles flood it once every decade or so? I know the lore and answers to these questions, but I probably will never share them in the novels because it would take away from the story. However, little touches of history and mystic can give a sense of, ironically, rationality to an irrational place. In the real world, you don't step foot in a different country and instantly either someone explains to you the entire history of the country, or the flood of information comes to your mind. I've seen both happen in fantasy novels."