Kaycee Browning is a nineteen year old college student who goes to NC State university. She was homeschooled through high school and wrote Ember Flame when she was fourteen years old, publishing it when she was sixteen years old. There has yet to be a second book but it is believed to be in the making.
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In Ember Flame's acknowledgments, Browning mentions her mom and dad, who she says are "math nerds." She alsomentions her three siblings, two friends (Tori Nichols and Mayson Stowers), grandparents, and english teacher (Heather Johns), Chief Jose and  Rebecca Lopez  and her two dachshunds.

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Birthday: April 5th


  • Browning and her siblings
  • Kaycee Browning and Tori Nichols
  • Browning and her family
  • Browning and her best friend (Tori Nichols?)