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Hail FrostEdit

Maybelle was born as princess of Finsik, one of the largest countries in Holdinus. Her parents loved her very much and were excited to raise her as the future queen of Finsik. However, when Maybelle was two, the Pull conquered the world and subjugated it under a unified dictatorship. Maybelle's parents, like Flake's, were murdered.

Her parents had foreseen this and had sent her into the cold mountains of Finsik to be raised like a peasant. Her adoptive family loved her, but they always told Maybelle stories and tales of her kind and heroic parents, hoping one day Maybelle would help defeat the Pull and return Finsik to it's former glory.

Maybelle, however, was never all that interested. The Pull never truly bothered her, and she didn't like the idea of starting a war or killing anybody. To her adoptive parents horror, Maybelle agrees to marry Valin, the current Lord of the Pull, who is trying to soften his citizens to a dictator by marrying a former princess.
  • Valin and Maybelle.
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  • Maybelle and Valin

Through a strange twist of fate, Maybelle ends up having to travel through a mystical realm called the Tapestries with Flake Frost, Valin's ex-fiance, who left him because of his cruel and heartless deeds. Flake immediately berates Maybelle for her grand ideas of "reforming" Valin. Maybelle points out that Flake never tried to reform him. She just left like a coward.