A 95
Snow Thern Frost
Biographical information
Also known asCaran Hast
Descriptionsilver eyelashes and eyebrows, small wrinkles near eyes, haughty, but kind appearance
Personalitysnarky, clever, deceptive, cold
LeverageYes; Frost
AbilityHealing with ice
Family members
First appearancePg. 17

Ember FlameEdit

Ember finds Caran shortly after she gets out of the think forest Grel is located in. Snow's Leverage power of healing is first reference here.

"Caran said she felt well enough to walk, Les had her doubts, but there was no arguing with that woman. Les vaguely wondered how she healed so quickly too, but she pushed it from her mind."
Kaycee Browning (Ember Flame, Pg. 19)

Caran takes Ember to the city Eledil. She is the first person to brush Ember's hair and give her a bath.

Hail FrostEdit

Snow is finally fulfilling her destiny, but part of her is telling her it is to late to earn forgiveness with anyone, including Elethor.  It certainly does not help when her travelling companion begins to become disgusted with her past actions.  Snow is outwardly composed and calm, but she also still retains her old sneaky and manipulative abilities.

Snow's Leverage PowerEdit

Snow's power is mentioned at various points in the novel. Here are a few examples:

"Every few hours [Caran] would insist on stopping and smearing her knees and elbows with "joint medicine." Caran always insisted Les look the other way while she did so."
Kaycee Browning (Ember Flame, Pg. 23)