A 96
Biographical information
Also known asCommander
LeverageYes; Flame
AbilityReading Fire, Telling Fire what to do
AffiliationThe Pull
Family members
First appearancePg. 22 (Ember Flame)

A 65
A 64
Valin is the "new kid," the "rookie" in the government of the Pull
.  He (quite literally) had to scratch his way to the top.  He has managed to keep his deadly record a secret and he hides behind a facade of charm and eloquent justice.  Deep inside though, he holds a grudge against the Leverage and he has no intention of letting them save Holdinus.

Hail FrostEdit

Valin is a mysterious explorer with a knack for manipulation, political subtlety, battle strategies, and organized chaos. After Sicreet's death, he masterfully takes control of the Pull and begins to destroy everything Sicreet had created. The people love him, but after trying to blackmail Hail into abandoning Elethor and Holdinus, it's obvious Valin has a plan of his the Leverage probably won't like.